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CalRE# 02106629

Oana's interior design background, and her desire to create, express, and communicate, led her to start painting in 2013. 

In 2019 she organized an exhibition of her works, 

"OANA SINGA: Art Inspired by the Theatrical and the Absurd," 

at her own pop-up art gallery on 4846 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA.

In her paintings, Oana creates a vibrant, maximalist, and dramatic universe that fuses incisive, absurdist, or thought-provoking text.


​Visually, the compositions are like an extravagant carnival where everything looks exciting and inviting — shapes, movement, and a frenzy of intensely vibrant colors all mingle together.​

With the text, which comes as the last layer, Oana captures a slice of the blunt reality or the absurdities, peculiarities, and quirks she observes in her daily encounters.

Below is a selection of Oana's paintings. Enjoy.