Our brain acts like an unattended garden

I was  pulling out some weeds a few days ago.

It made me think about this: Our Brain Acts Like an Unattended Garden, Where Weeds Grow.

This is a great visual image and analogy I have been reflecting on for a while.

You can have the most beautiful garden. At this moment.

What happens if you do not attend it?

For how long your beautiful garden will continue to remain beautiful, if unattended?

Low long before the weeds will start growing and growing?

How long before your unattended garden becomes a sad display of an unwanted and unruly vegetation, taking over what was once beautiful?

It is what happens to our brains as well.

Our Brain Acts Like an Unattended Garden, Where Weeds Grow.

It happens in Any Human Mind.

It happens to Everyone.

If we let our thoughts—our weeds—grow and grow and roam freely, in our mind and our soul... those unattended thoughts will slowly start taking over our well-being.

Weeds Grow. 

This is not some hidden truth.

This is an Elementary Truth of Life.

Weeds Grow.

This is a natural law in one of the simplest observable forms, there is nothing complicated or at a deep philosophical level.

Whether we think about the actual weeds or we think about them metaphorically, as negative thoughts: They Grow.

If we want to enjoy a beautiful garden, we have to constantly watch for the weeds and pull them out periodically, before they become too big and start dominating the beauty of our garden.

If we want to enjoy a state of well-being, if we want our mind and soul to be like a beautiful and serene garden, we have to do exactly the same:

constantly watch for and pull out those weeds—those negative, destructive, and self-destructive thoughts—that suffocate our wellness

and engulf us in Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual drama. 

There is no other way around.

Everything good and beautiful needs to be both guarded and nurtured. 

Good and beautiful do not just happen, By Default.

Good and beautiful happen With Constant Work and Effort.

Good and beautiful stay good and beautiful--With Constant Nurturing.



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