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A few years ago I read an article that had this sentence: Life Is Made of Elementary Truths.

The article was not psychological nor philosophical, but a story about life.

This powerful sentence—Life Is Made of Elementary Truths—struck me and stayed with me since.

One day after reading the article, I remember telling my then 10y old daughter: If It Rains, It Rains.

It was raining, and we had plans to go somewhere.

My daughter's reaction to my rain statement was a big laugh together with, "WOW, really?"

You might dislike rain because it messes with your outdoor schedule.

You can get angry at rain because it ruins your hair.

Maybe you love to go outside for a walk or run when it rains because it clears your head.

Maybe you love rain because it reminds you of the beautiful rainbows you saw after rain in your vacation in Hawaii.

You might Like or Dislike rain.

That's your story.

That's your perception.

You can certainly decide to cling to whatever story you want.

However, your story is just that: a story.

A Story that you Decide to Create and Attach to an Elementary Life Truth: If It Rains, It Rains.

What stories you create or cling on?

What Elementary Truths you argue with, clutter your mind with? Why?

You Want Life To Be Something That It Is Not. Why?



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