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Learn to Question Your Own Thoughts

-Upcoming Free Individual Consults-

Friday, Feb 26th at 11am PT

Wednesday, March 3rd at 11am PT

Friday, March 5th at 11am PT

​The individual consults are for Adults and Teenagers.

All consults are one hour long.

The consults are done either in person, at my Home Office in Alameda, CA,

or virtually, if you live anywhere in the world.

To make an appointment for an upcoming free individual consult,

please reach out to me at, 48 hours prior to the consult date. 

I will get back to you with further steps.

I will ask you to formulate your problem in writing.



Do you notice the THOUGHTS you are thinking and HOW they may be

Restricting or Empowering

your ABILITY to become the person you choose to be?

Are you Thinking HEALTHY Thoughts?

Are you mentally living your life or are you mentally in someone else's life?

Do your thoughts bring stress or PEACE into your Life?

You either believe your thoughts or question them. There is no other choice.

The best way to make positive changes in your outer life is to get clear about

what is going on in your inner life.

During the consult,

I work with you helping you UNTANGLE and DECLUTTER your own thoughts by:

- asking you questions for you to explore your own thoughts; 

- asking you questions to help you raise your awareness;

- pointing things out that you are not even aware of;

- helping you uncover the real cause of your suffering which may be hidden from your awareness;

- helping you get a new perspective;

- sharing my insights with you, when appropriate;

- guiding you to formulate ONE step to take to improve your situation.

The consult is NOT about:

- "fixing" you; 

- giving you advice;

- giving you a list of SHOULDs: "This is what you should do;"

- convincing you to take certain actions;

 - solving problems FOR you.

Coaching is NOT telling you what to do;

it is giving you a chance to examine what you are doing in light of your intentions.

The truly helpful answers are the ones you find by yourself.

Remember this:

You have the ability at any moment to spread your wings and go from falling to flying.

To a Life That You Love,


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