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Q & I

(Questions & Insights)

Saturday, Jan 16, 2021, 11AM to 1PM

@ my Home Office in Alameda, CA

Free event, limited to 4 people



Do you notice the thoughts you are thinking and 

how they may be restricting or empowering your ability to become the person you are choosing to be?

If you or someone you know is going through a very stressful time in personal life or marriage and 

is deeply motivated for change,

this Q & I might represent the turning point.

During the Q & I, I will work with each person for 30 min:

- asking you questions to help you raise your awareness;

- helping you uncover the real cause of your suffering and that may be hidden from your awareness;

- helping you get a new perspective;

- sharing my insights with you, when appropriate;

- guiding you to formulate ONE step that you could take right now to improve your situation.

The Q&I is NOT about:

- fixing you; 

- giving you advice;
- giving you a list of SHOULDs: "This is what you should do;"

- solving problems FOR you.

Transformation is a journey.

And every journey begins with a single step.
The Q&I is not a quick fix, but it may be your first step in your journey through change and transformation.

To participate, please reach out to me at oana@oanasinga.net by Th, 01/14.

I will ask you to formulate your problem in writing (put your story on paper).

To a Life That You Love,


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