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​Like the seafaring hero of a classical epic, Oana arrived at her destination, residential real estate, by a circuitous route, via advertising, producing fashion shows, interior design, and art.

Oana was born and raised in Cluj-Napoca, Romania—her beloved hometown is a 2,000-year-old city in the heart of Transylvania—and moved to the US in 2005.

Showing an entrepreneurial spirit early, Oana opened her first business, a fitness studio, while in college.

Over the years, she founded, owned, and ran an advertising agency, an event planning agency, and a modelling agency.

She implemented countless promotional campaigns, organized and hosted dozens of events, and produced several fashion shows of regional interest.

Beauty and aesthetics are Oana's underlying passion—it is a rare occurrence to slip into a conversation without the subject of this passion coming into play. 

Oana's interior design background, and her desire to create, express, and communicate, led her to painting.

In 2019 she organized an exhibition of her works, "Art Inspired by the Theatrical and the Absurd", at her own art gallery in Los Altos, CA. 


To the real estate industry, Oana brings her wealth of entrepreneurial experience and unique blend of skills learned through the arts, her energy and engaging personality—and a touch of glamour.


Oana is a former multiple Romanian national champion in 100m dash. She is a member of St. Margaret Mary church in Oakland, CA.

Oana lives in the East Bay with her husband, who is a real estate developer, and their teenage daughter.


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