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MEET OANA SINGA – Real Estate Business Owner, Interior Decorator, Artist, Athlete

Like the seafaring hero of a classical epic, Oana arrived at her destination, real estate, by a somewhat circuitous route, via advertising, producing fashion shows, interior design, and art.

Oana brings to real estate a unique blend of skills: the aesthetic sense of an interior decorator and artist, the work ethic, energy, determination, and competitive nature of an athlete—she is a former multiple national champion in 100m dash in her home-country, Romania, and the passion of an entrepreneur—prior to real estate, Oana founded, owned, and ran an advertising & event planning agency, a modeling agency, and an art gallery.

​​Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2005, Oana is a native of Cluj-Napoca, a 2,000-year-old city in the heart of Transylvania, Romania.

Oana has a Bachelor of Arts degree in European Studies and a three-year degree in Interior Design.


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Beauty and aesthetics are Oana's underlying passion – it is a rare occurrence to slip into a conversation without the subject of this passion coming into play.

In 2019 Oana organized an exhibition of her artworks at her own pop-up art gallery on 4846 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA.

The exhibition titled, "OANA SINGA: Art Inspired by the Theatrical and the Absurd," showcased forty of her paintings. 


In her paintings, Oana creates a vibrant, maximalist, and dramatic universe that fuses incisive, absurdist, or thought-provoking text.


​Visually, the compositions are like an extravagant carnival where everything looks exciting and inviting — shapes, movement, and a frenzy of intensely vibrant colors all mingle together.​

With the text, which comes as the last layer, Oana captures a slice of the blunt reality or the absurdities, peculiarities, and quirks she observes in her daily encounters.